• 100% bonus payouts to all bounties
  • 50% bonus payouts to burning dens and hives
  • Uniques bounties and drops are increased by 50%

The event will be active from friday 09/08 18:00 UTC until 12/08 18:00 UTC!

First unique slaying happening this weekend on sunday!

Chek out this forums post for all details!

Slight traces of a strange cosmic radiation are being picked up from another dimension, and the mages guild is predicting that a rift is about to open on saturday this weekend!

The high mages of Rivia are able to hold off the rift for a short period of time to give us time to prepare our defense.

You can vote in this poll for when you have time (UTC Time)

What is a rift?
A rift is an event which will be indicated on a random location of the map by a giant red energybeam striking a rift altar. The red energybeam will appear about 24 hours before the event begins.
The mages guild will post updates in a separate event chat channel on time remaining on the rift as well as progress on the event itself.

After the preparation time, the ground around the rift altar will change and rift creatures will storm the lands.
These creatures will spawn in waves, getting stronger the more have been defeated already.

After the last creature is slain, every participant will receive a random reward from a reward pool depending on their damage dealt overall.
The reward pool will increase automatically the more players participate e.g. the more damage was dealt.
Rewards are limited by player also, so it is impossible for example for one player with insane damage to claim a majority of the reward pool.

These rewards include
  • Money
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Rift Jewelry
  • Oils
  • Trader Contract
  • Magical Chests
  • High QL Gems
  • Star Gems
  • Strange Bones
  • Name Change Certificates
  • Hand Mirror
  • Magic Tomes