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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #397 by Henry
Source Orbs Rework was created by Henry
Source Orbs are small luxury items, similar to gems, which serve as a vessel for karma.
Each vessel has a certain size and can hold a certain amount of karma.

Currently in game is only one variant for 1000 karma.
The item can currently be bought for 1 silver in Rivia and is empty at first. A player can fill it and trade freely. Upon consuming it, the consumer gets the karma and the source orb crumbles to dust.

The Rework

Source orbs will be divided into 5 different sizes:
Use the polls to vote for the price you would suggest for each vessel
source orb S - 1000 karma
source orb M - 2500 karma
source orb L - 5000 karma
source orb XL - 10000 karma
source orb XXL - 20000 karma

The polls will be closed on sunday
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