You can neuter you animals to remove their breeding ability.

Depending on your farming skill, you can work on multiple tiles per action. 50+ Farming skill allows 3x3 Sowing, Farming, Harvesting. 70+ allows 5x5 areas and 90+ allows 7x7.

You can surface mine with only 1 corner uncovered and have 100% chance of successful surface mine.

Slay creatures for coin. Each creature has a unique bounty assigned to them depending on their strength. Fighting something strong? Get rewarded accordingly!

Get 1 copper coin and 50 karma for each corpse you burn! Simply use a lit item or lighter on a corpse and burn it!

Bulk containers can be sorted by QL. This behaviour can be toggled on all bulk containers.

Read and chat seamless between the ingame channels and Discord. Simply join the Discord to get started!

You receive 50 Copper coins for voting on

After voting, type /vote in-game to claim your reward.

Benefit from having all skills increased by the Epic curve.

Bulk transfer is faster and does not do body checks. This means you can transfer larger amounts at once.

Teleport to the capital city Rivia from anywhere on the map for free. Simply use the action Capital City Teleport on your body and let the 1 minute timer run through.

You can freely claim your deed. It will come with 4 silver coins worth already paid for. Keep in mind that your deed will still cost upkeep.

The hybrid system makes it so players gain skill for any action, including mild failures. This is done in order to discourage the "spam creation" skilling method. It is still effective, but improvement is now competitive.

Personal Merchants have 500 inventory slots available for your items.

Movement speeds are increased overall. This applies to all players, animals, carts and boats!

Check out our livemap which shows deeds, altars and points of interest!

Mailboxes come pre-enchanted with a power 30 Courier spell cast on it. You're also able to select Receive all to receive up to 100 mails at once.

You always succeed entering a trance. No delay between the first 5 skill gains, after that 3 hours of cooldown apply. No distance-moved requirement for skill gains. Unlimited meditations per day. Reduced path question times.

The increase in sleep bonus is equivalent to 0.5% more per QL of the bed. At 100QL, the bed will grant 50% more sleep bonus.

All WL Priests share spells. You can also pray for faith every 60 minutes, as often as you want per day. Praying will give you 3x the faith as well!

You receive 10 iron coins and 1 karma per minute for simply being online!

Our server is entirely PvE oriented. Help your neighbours out.  PvP will only be available in events labeled and announced as such in designated areas.

You will wake up on a random part of the isle and it's up to you where it goes from there.

There will be rift events with waves of enemies, rift resources and amazing rewards for those fighting till the end!

You can craft concrete by using rock shards and clay.

You can sleep in tents to receive sleep bonus. You must have an active item to get the sleep option on it.

You can have up to 200 faith. This mod adds many new and amazing spells as well smooths favor regeneration.

You can turn your animals into tradeable tokens at the Stable Master in Rivia! This will cost 20c for each animal. The tokens can be placed in merchants for easy trading.

You can receive a strange bone for sacrificing rare/supreme/fantastic items.

Find treasure maps doing random activities and let them lead you to great wealth!

Deeds cost upkeep and will be auto disbanded when they run out of funds.