First unique slaying! Attack on the green dragon hatchling this sunday! 21/07

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10 months 1 week ago #66 by Henry
Green dragon hatchling slaying will be happening this sunday! (21/07)

You can vote for a time when to start the event again. All times are UTC! You can check UTC time here

Please take a moment and vote on this poll when it should start this sunday (You can tick multiple boxes)

There will be an event portal set-up near the green dragon hatchling, also be sure to stock up on weapons and armour for the event.

Loot and rewards
Drake Hide and Blood will be distributed automatically to everyone in local-chat range to the unique.
The corpse loot as well as the bounty for it will be distributed automatically to everyone who attacked it.

Setup, Tanking, Healing
We will need a bit of organiset chaos for the unique to go down.

- Multiple Tanks
Communicate who joins the main tanking group, those will keep taunting the dragon between each other and keep it weak.

- Healing group
Every player with a white light priesthood is able to cast healing spells, focus these spells on the players tanking the dragon. Also be sure to bring vesseled gems to have more favor on the field. Organizing links to stronger priests is advised.

- Damage Dealers
This group contains everyone who is not a tank or dedicated healer. Your role is to inflict as much damage as possible, preferred are strong heavy weapons with high DPS (examine the weapon to see DPS)
Also make sure to use Focus as much as possible to ensure good hits. Healers can also be damage dealers, especially if they decide to link their favor.

Rule of survival: If you take damage, run away and heal back up! A bad hit from a unique can easily cause 80+ damage wounds!
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