Rift Incursion [6] [23. November 2019]

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Rift Incursion [6] [23. November 2019] was created by Torihiki
Good Evening Rivierians,
there will be a rift soon, so sharpen your weapons, strengthen your armor, pray to your gods and prepare yourself for a long fight against the rift Incursion.
The Mages Guild is going to reward you generously.

When and where does it happen?

The incursion will begin on saturday, the 23rd November at about  20:00 UTC. The location will be designated by a big red beam striking a rift altar, visible all over the island.

How does it work?

The Rift Beam will appear at a random location on Riviera.
The rift will not open close to deeds, slopes or inaccessible terrain or officially protected highways. There will be an Event Portal available near the rift some time before the rift fully opens. Within the next one or two days, waves of rifts invaders will storm the surrounding land and rift-resources can be harvested after a wave is defeated.
In order to finish the event, all waves need to be cleared.

What are the rewards?

Players will be rewarded by participation. Each invader you kill or assist in killing will increase your score. The more score you have at the end, the more items you're eligible to receive from the kings treasury. You can check your score and the needed score for higher tiers by using the /rift command in chat during the event.
Some of the possible rewards are:
Shoulder pads
Rift jewelry
Expensive trader items
High QL rare gems
Strange bones
Magic tomes
Faction guard towers
Faction wagons and banners
And much more
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