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5 months 2 weeks ago - 5 months 2 weeks ago #12 by Henry
Neutering Mod - Settings was created by Henry
New Mod: Neutering Mod

What does it do?
You will be able to nueter creatures like horses, bisons, etc. by leading them with a rope and the using scissors on them to do the "Neuter"-action
This will add a (sterile) suffix to the animal name
1. Raidwind -> Raidwind (sterile)
2. Venerable horse -> Venerable horse (sterile)

The action to do the surgery has a chance to fail on each tick of doing the action. The chance can be calculated by using ActionDifficulty/AH-SkillĀ²
This means a higher AH skill will make it less likely to fail a surgery, potentially damaging your creature.

Animal husbandry requirement: 30 effective
Action time: 5 seconds
ActionDifficulty (custom calculation): 10
Coin Cost: 1c
Karma Cost: 50
Harmless Fails: enabled
Slight Fails: enabled
Bad Fails: enabled
Severe Fails: enabled
Deadly Fails: disabled

Mod will go live using these settings on the next server restart
If you'd like any changes here, please let me know
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