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Each creature has a bounty, doesn't matter the size or origin. If you kill the creature solo, you will get its full bounty. But if you're hunting in a party, the bounty, along with a little team kill boost, will be shared evenly between the attackers.
This method can earn you great amounts of coin depending on your combat capabilities and your dedication. For reference, a spider will net around 5 copper coins, a horse/cow around 50 iron. Bounty is roughly in line with the difficulty of the creature.

Burn corpses
Burning corpses is another great way to earn coin. Simply activate your steel and flint, right click on a corpse and select the Burn option.
This will pay 10 iron coins and 50 karma per corpse and is well combined with regular bounty hunting.

From time to time while exploring the wilderness, you will happen across creature hideouts or dens (most look like a pile of rocks or moss&branches). If you activate your steel & flint and right click them, you will find a "Smoke out" option. Smoking out takes 5 minutes for a 0 damage den, and you must not move while doing it. If you do accidentally move, the timer might still say 5mins but should actually be reduced. When you finish smoking out a den, you can be rewarded between 28c and 1s 30c - possibly slightly outside that range, but an fantastic source of low-effort coin nonetheless! When you smoke out a den, one will spawn somewhere else- so there is never a shortage if you hunt for them.

Passive Income
For every minute you're connected to the server, you will receive 10 iron coins and 1 karma.

These activities generally have a fairly high rate of finding coins while doing them. You might have a run of bad luck and not get anything for a day or so, but generally it is a decent amount of money can be found - 1 copper, 5 copper, 20 copper, or even a silver if you're really lucky!

Treasure Hunting
From time to time you will stumble upon Treasure Maps, which you can find by doing activities like Foraging, Mining, Digging, Fishing, Fighting and Woodcutting. These Treasure Maps can take you across the entire island,(Activate a compass and right click the map to "Read map" which will take you to the tile after enough searching). When you are standing on the spot, activate a shovel and right click the map to "Dig for treasure" and a treasure chest will appear..... but be careful because Treasure Guardians will arrive! After defeating the Guardians, you're free to take whatever lies within the chest and with some luck can easily range into great fortunes. Be aware: the QL of the map affects how hard the Guardians are, and the rewards are greater for higher QL maps... if you want to solo one, make sure the QL is around your fight skill or less!

Voting for the Server
You can vote for our server daily on
Voting rewards you with coins, sleep bonus, and other things (like extra skillgain), based on how many days in a row, a list of voting tiers can be found here:
Voting on consecutive days increases your tier. Missing a vote for 2 days in a row reduces it. Your current tier can be found in game via the command /tiers
When you have vote rewards to claim, you can type /claim.
The server will periodically notify you if you have not voted on a day you are playing, or if you have unclaimed rewards.
The "voting vault" will store unlimited coin and up to 10 hours of sleep bonus.

Use these forums WTS or Shops sections on the forums to advertise your goods, or use the Trade channel in game. If you find or craft something other players need, this can be a great way of having a steady income. Top tip: crates of dirt are usually in demand by someone!

You can advertise your services to other players, such as Terraforming, Mining or anything else you feel like. These jobs can be another great income. Also keep an eye on Trade chat for jobs that people need doing - terraforming & surface mining are common ones!
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