Updates and changes #1 - Heatmap, Bulk Sorting and more

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11 months 1 week ago - 11 months 1 week ago #7 by Henry
Over the past few days we had some small changes and the implementation of a brand new feature to our livemap.


Can be toggled with the "Show Hostile Heatmap"-Setting

Areas colored in perfect green have no hostile creatures in them.
More red means more hostiles on that tile area.

Unique creatures are NOT displayed in the heatmap.

Bulk Sorting and Improvements
You can toggle sorting on bulk containers (BSB, FSB, Large crate, small crate)
Sorted items will only stack with items of same QL
Unsorted containers will behave like vanilla merging
You can transfer max. items at once while bulk transferring
Body checks have been removed, allowing fast transfer of heavy items

Bounty on Burn Changes
Increased the burn corpse range
Allow movement while burning a corpse

Passive Income Increase
Passive income has increased to 10i per minute
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