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1 year 7 months ago #421 by Erana
Karma guide was created by Erana
All you need to know about this strange extra currency.
Look for the bold text if you're just looking for quick answers and don't need detail!

How much do I have?
- Use the "Karma" option in the menu when you right click your body in the character sheet to find out how much karma you have.
- If you open the spell effects window (Main Menu > Hud settings > Spell effects) you will be able to see your karma at a glance.

How do I earn it?
Just be online! You get 1 karma per minute.
Burning corpses: keep our world tidy! You'll get 10 karma per corpse you burn (using a steel and flint).
Valrei Missions: Go to the Main Menu, click "Hud settings" and look at "Mission details". Different missions award different amounts of karma; if you contribute to a mission you will usually get some share, you don't need to do it all yourself.
Mining & finding source crystals - you will occasionally find "pink crystals" while mining in a cave. If you activate a hammer and crush them, you will get source salt, which you can eat to gain 30 karma.
Exploring: you will sometimes find source springs (look like piles of rounded rock shards) or source fountains (look like fountains) in the wilderness. If you drink the contents you will get 1000 karma per 1kg of liquid source.
Treasure maps! You always find a barrel in a treasure chest once you've defeated all the treasure guardians and opened the chest. This will contain source (liquid) which, as above, you can drink to receive karma.

What do I spend it on?
- In the karma menu, you have some very useful options: you can light up tiles nearby, summon your corpse (if you have died somewhere random or inaccessible), or teleport home (Town Portal).
Taxidermying creatures: With a taxidermy kit (made via fine carpentry), you can preserve dead creatures. There are a few options: Butchered (gives the butchered model), Lying (gives the dead model), or Animated (makes it appear alive again). The karma cost for this varies based on the combat rating of the creature and the type of taxidermy you choose; animated being the most expensive. This can cost a lot of karma for very strong creatures: a dragon costs 20,000 karma to preserve as animated!
Affinity hearts. These have been re-worked to cost 50 silver, require 50,000 karma to activate, and will give you a choice of 5 random affinities. If you don't like the 5 random choices you get, you can "re-roll" the random choices for another 20,000 karma.
- If you are lucky enough to get a tome (often on the random prize table for events), you can learn a Sorcery spell. For this you will need to craft a gem staff, and casting the sorcery spell will use karma as a resource.

How do I trade karma with others?
- On the GM merchant in Rivia, inside the "Shop" building, you are able to buy 5 sizes of Source orbs to store your karma, prices based on their capacity. These can be filled and traded with others.
-- Source orb S = 1000 karma capacity, 10 copper
-- Source orb M = 2000 karma capacity, 20 copper
-- Source orb L = 5000 karma capacity, 50 copper
-- Source orb XL = 10,000 karma capacity, 1 silver
-- Source orb XXL = 20,000 karma capacity, 2 silver
Suggested price for karma ~1 silver/1000 karma. But that's just a guideline... so set your own price!

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1 year 6 months ago #430 by ProgNut
Replied by ProgNut on topic Karma guide
Are there any plans to allow source orbs to be placed and sold on personal merchants?

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