Update [27. December 2019] Community Goals, Affinity Hearts and much more!

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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #297 by Henry
Greetings Riviera and a happy holiday!

Many new features and tweaks coming! I'm very proud to finally push these to the live server.

Community Goals
Massive events where community participation is required to reach the goal. These run over weeks or even months and reward the participants depending on participation.
The "Study the infestation" event starting today will use this new framework.

Affinity Hearts
You can now buy affinity hearts at the merchant in Rivia. These can be charged with karma to become soulbound to the player. once soulbound, they can be used to gain a new random affinity.

Stable Master Contract
There are now stable master contracts available for sale at the Rivia merchant. These can be used to spawn your very own stable master where ever you like (one time use)

Riviera Menu
We've introduced a new menu for server related actions. You will see it immediately by rightclicking the ground anywhere with or without an active item.
This menu houses features like
- Bank balance check
- Teleport to Rivia (This was also overhauled, the time to teleport now goes down the higher your soul depth and mind speed skills are)
- Community Goal Overview

Fixed imaginary advent calendar doors
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