Update [30. January 2020] The Forest Guardians awake

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9 months 3 weeks ago #365 by Henry
Greeting everyone to the first bigger update of 2020

Forest Guardians
They protect the forest and defend it with their strength. Ancient and strong, they carry long forgotten treasure.
There is a low chance for these to spawn when tree stumps decay on their own.

The spell system is seeing a slight nerf and rebalance, since many spells were not adjusted to the modded 200 faith cap yet. These changes are not final, and may change again in the future.
- Added small cooldowns to some spells (LT: 5s, WoA: 5s, MS: 5s, CoC: 5s, Light Token: 3s, Frostbrand: 5s, Flaming Aura: 5s, AOSP: 5s, WA: 5s, Nimbleness: 5s, BotD: 10s, Bloodthirst: 5s, Bless: 3s, Dispel: 3s)
- Increase of favor cost (Genesis 70, Vessel 15, Light Token 15, Morning Fog 15, Dispel 15, Bless 15, Opulence 15, Dirt 40, Frostbrand 70, CoC 75, WoA 75, BotD 100, Bloodthirst 75)
- Fixed a ancient spells not triggering their 30 minute cooldown (especially Titanforged)

Leatherworking changes
For a long time it was possible to use low QL leather to improve items without any restrictions. This made leather worthless and there was no need for high QL leather.
This change is getting reverted, so that leather has to be of a higher QL than the item you're trying to improve (same behaviour as blacksmithing improvement).

Treasure Hunting changes
Treasure map guardians are now stronger, and more interested in defending the treasure than ever before.
Treasure rewards have been slightly changed, to contain more coin and less sleep powder.

For those using a modded client with the serverpacks and custommap mod (these are default mods), you can now use the ingame-map (m) to see our map.
You can rightclick locations to mark them for you and your village or alliance.

Transfer ownership action
You can now transfer your ownership of an item to other players, without trading it to them. Simply rightclick the object (has to not be in any inventory or container) and use Riviera Menu -> Transfer ownership
The receiver has to be online for this and you have to be the owner of that item for the transfer.

Misc fixes and changes
- Fixed random disconnects in mega-events
- Removed gems and other low value drops from rift rewards
- Fixed void scouts
- Fixed the voting reminder reminding you 5 hours early
- Preparations for the next community goal
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