Update [13. February 2020] Meditation Changes, Valentines Day Goodies & More

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #379 by dumbdave
Good morning (afternoon or evening) a new update was introduced today that includes:

Meditation Changes
To access a meditation path normally, players would have to find a very specific area to advance. This has been simplified to the following:
  • Insanity: Any cave tile.
  • Love: Any grass, bush, or tree.
  • Hate: Any mycelium, mycelium bush, or infected tree.
  • Knowledge: Any sand tile.
  • Power: Any rock or cliff tile (above ground).
This was thought to have been patched previously but has now been fully implemented as of today.

Reward Tokens
A New item had been implemented into the game that allows many new items to be given to the player. Expect to find these in future loot pools including the event below.

Valentines Day Seasonal Event
Upon logging in on the 14th (UTC). The gods of love will reward you with a gift. Be sure to log in (or re-log) to receive yours.

Minor Bugfixes
Bugfixes to various things on the server including:
  • New and improved tile change system making large-scale terrain changes much more efficient.
  • Preperation for the upcoming event "The Aberrant" on 15/02/2020
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