Arrow Packs and Random Spawn rework 23/07

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1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #115 by Henry
Howdy everyone! This update features our take on arrow packs and a new way new-player spawns will be handled.

Arrow Packs
Allows you to craft Arrow Packs from either 20 hunting or war arrows and a quiver.
The arrow pack can then be improved and when unpacked will result in 20 arrows of the QL of the arrow pack. This should make improving arrows alot easier.

Random Spawn Rework
Until today every new player spawned random, using the vanilla random spawn behaviour. This lead to many unwanted spawn locations and most new players quitting before getting started.
This doesn't mean that random spawn is bad however!

From today on, new players will spawn in Rivia at the plaza. There will be a brand new Random Spawn Portal which you can use to teleport to a random spawn location on the map, perfectly mimicing the vanilla spawn behaviour.
This way new players can choose if they like to start from Rivia or try their luck. The portal has no cooldown and can be used by anyone as often as you like. Horses and vehicles can not be brought through the portal.

Fixed being unable to neuter branded horses
Last edit: 1 year 10 months ago by Henry. Reason: Server has been restarted and the update is now live

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