Patch Day 08/11/2019 - New Voting System, More Events and balance reworks!

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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #239 by Henry
Hey Riviera! Time for some of the long announced changes and new integrations!

New Voting System
There is so much to this system, that i suggest you reading it's very own post for all the details. Voting System Overview (click)

But here are the highlights:
You will no longer only receive coins for voting, but also sleep bonus, passive skillgain buffs and passive healing.
This all unlocks and increases on your own voting tier, which increases by simply voting on the voting page.
Your voting rewards are now stored in your very own "vault". This means, you don't have to claim the rewards right after voting, but can vote multiple days in a row without claiming and then claim all those rewards at once!

Also, everyone who already voted this month will have their votes added to the new system. This means you'll start off at a higher tier and already have those rewards in your vault.

New voting commands:
You can type /vote or /claim to claim any rewards that are currently in your vault.
By typing /tier you can see your current voting tier as well as the rewards you're getting on it. This will also show you the rewards for the next higher up tier.

New event system and Event Marathon
We're porting all currently existing events over to our newly developed event scheduler! This means not just more events, but also more reliable in terms of timing, variation and consistency.
After this update goes live, there will be an event marathon for the entire weekend, meaning a brand new event every 2 hours, running for 1 hour each!

Balance reworks
The long announced balance changes are finally here.

Shipbuilding Changes:
Corbita: Now requires 40 Shipbuilding skill to start.
Cog: Now requires 60 Shipbuilding skill to start.
Knarr: Now requires 75 Shipbuilding skill to start.
Caravel: Now requires 90 Shipbuilding skill to start.
All skill values are effective skill.

Crafting Changes:
Hunting arrow heads, war arrow heads, ballistae heads and small axe heads now give and take primarily blacksmithing skill to produce.

Horse Changes:
Horse, Unicorn and Hellhorse speeds have been slightly reduced.
Horses, Unicorns and Hellhorses can now move on up to 50 slopes just like wagons and carts.
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