Update [29. November 2019] Karma trading, Mycelium for Libila followers and more

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11 months 3 weeks ago #253 by Henry
Many new changes and features coming with this new update!

Karma Trading
You can now buy empty source orbs from the trader in Rivia for 1s each. These orbs can be filled with 1000 karma by simply right-clicking it and select "Fill with karma"
To consume the karma, simply right-click a full source orb and hit "Consume".
This should make karma trading a bit more relaxed and also more profitable for players sitting on piles of karma.

Branding Rework
Branding now makes handling your horses, unicorns and hell horses a ton easier! Once a horse, unicorn and hell horse is branded, you can simply right-click to ride it.
This completely removes the need to lead them first in order to ride them.
For unicorns this means in particular that you no longer need to tame
them for riding. But you still have to tame a unicorn to brand it.

New daily events and Event Calendar
Many of you have already noticed the daily missions which run, well, daily for a few hours giving you either increased bounty payouts or bundles of skillgain boosts ranging from 20% - 100%
With this update, we're adding 24 new bundles into the pool and we run a total of 46 various daily events.

Also new is our event calendar, which shows you all the upcoming, running or past events in a simple overview. Click here to see the Event Calendar

Mycelium Changes
Followers of Libila can now cast Corrupt to create a patch of mycelium on the ground. This can only be done outside of white light areas of influence.
Have fun painting the black light in darkness hehe..

Taxidermy Changes
All preserve actions now cost karma based on the creatures strength. For the options "Lying" and "Butchered" the price is 100 karma per Strength Point and for "Animated" the price is 200 karma per Strength Point.
This places a rooster for example at 200 karma (Animated) and a Black Dragon, which is one of the strongest creatures on the server at 20000 karma.

Another change is the itemsize of newly created taxidermied corpses. The corpse will still be the same size, but will now fit into large storage units for easy storage.

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