Unleashing hell and Spellcraft

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1 year 5 months ago #9 by Henry
Unleashing hell and Spellcraft was created by Henry
Unleashing Hell
As some of you have noticed, there were no hell creatures roaming the lands. This will change now! Today we will be unleashing all hell creatures, including hell horses and lava fiends.

We're adding a modified version of the Spellcraft mod. This brings huge changes to the faith/favor system and religion in general.
Max Faith is now 200
Favor Regeneration will be faster and smoother
You can pray once per hour instead of once every 20 minutes, but also receive 3x the faith for it.
Statuette QL increases spellcasting and channeling efficiency
All priests can link each other e.g. Libila can link Magranon, Vynora can link Fo, etc.

New Spells
Harden: Enchant applicable to most items. Reduces the damage taken by the enchanted item; 50 power grants 15% reduction; 100 power granting 30% reduction.

Phasing: Weapon enchant that increases the opponent's shield skill check difficulty. In laymans terms, it makes it so shields block attacks from a Phasing weapon less.

Summon Soul: Summons a player to the location of the caster.

Replenish: Automatically refills a liquid container with water.

Expand: Increases the capacity of containers

Efficiency: Reduce difficulty of skill checks with enchanted items.

Prowess: Ring enchant that increases CR

Industry: Ring enchant that reduces difficulty checks

Endurance: Ring enchant that reduces stamina usage

Acuity: Ring enchant that reduces favor usage

Titanforged: Increases speed, efficiency, and skill gain.

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