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1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #4 by Henry
General Rules was created by Henry
Our server follows Wurm Online rules. This includes their Game Rules, Chat Rules, and Forum Rules.
You can read the rules here, please read them carefully

All bans will also effect every other account linked to your Steam account as well as any accounts playing from the same network you're connected to!

Please use english in global chats only. Global chats are CA HELP, GL-Freedom, Freedom and Trade

You may use any language in Alliances, Local chat and PMs. These chat channels however still follow the linked Wurm Online Chat Rules!

Finally, please be respectful of others, no server competition or any other personal griefs should be brought to this community.

Automation in any form is not allowed. This includes all macros and mods that automate actions.
We have a very reliable way of checking for these patterns. When you're getting flagged for automation, you very likely are using automation.
These cases are being tested and confirmed, and you will get banned if confirmed.

Please refer to the Modding Rules
You're free to use most mods. This includes scanner/ESP mods and maps.
Any automation, cheats or hacks will get you banned. It's easy to see when you use them.
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