Goodday Riverians !!

1 year 6 months ago #241 by Hades
Goodday Riverians !! was created by Hades
Goodday my fellow Riverians!!

So for several reasons i have decided to make this suggestion.
Or basicly some people were pointing me to this suggestion area !!

So for today i got a suggestion for the server! 
My suggestion would be to create an event for the arena.

A tournament for us all.
I Hades want to suggest a tournament with an entrance fee of 10 copper or more.
For anyone who dares to step into the ring without armour and weapons,
A real wurm brawl, everybody in the ring , everybody slaps the shit out of each other and basicly the man/woman last one standing will take all !! 

Who is with me .

I hope to hear from you all soon!!

Best of luck, Hades  

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